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Atlanta Patient Tower Expansion & Motor Lobby

The design team was challenged to create a bold and welcoming “Front Door,” connecting a new 8-story medical patient tower with an existing cancer institute and hospital entry portal. Architecturally, the access point to the new entry area and public lobby was via a driveway from the main campus parking area – one that is fairly concealed from the public. It passes through a motor lobby with no outdoor lighting. The goal was to create a welcome area that feels warm, bright, inviting and uplifting, despite the fact that the entryway itself is hidden under the new patient tower. The design was further complicated by the presence of the building’s main support system, a 2,000-square-foot concrete column.

We turned a perceived negative, the massive concrete support column, into a positive by converting the column into a statement piece - a colorful, inspiring mural created by a local artist which resulted in it becoming the heart and soul of the motor lobby. The mural was inspired by a previous patient’s endearing nature, hopeful heart and uplifting attitude. Elements of her favorite activities are interwoven throughout the design.