Confidential Client

After 10 years in their space, this large commercial construction company realized that their corporate footprint no longer supported their current needs regarding work process, technology and culture.  The challenge was to create a space that supports their unique phasing for work flow, their commitment to their employees' health and well-being, while conveying the quality of their brand through the workplace experience of art, design and technology.

The overall design concept creates a plan that supports the unique phasing of their teams' workflow and encourages flexibility and movement within the space.  Technology and art are seamlessly integrated into the design to communicate a quality experience for both employees and visitors.  To showcase their capabilities as a construction company, great thought went into the raw, yet refined approach to materiality, detailing and lighting integration.   

A LEED Platinum project that is currently under submission for Well Building Certification, the space creates a healthy environment by welcoming abundant natural light, the use of sit/stand desks, and a communicating stair that connects the main social cafe to the work environment on all three levels.

Views were maximized to take advantage of the Atlanta skyline to the south, Vining’s mountain to the west and the balance of Cobb Counties blend of tree canopies and urban environment to the northeast. 

Art is integrated throughout, including a commissioned piece that connects a two floor volume of space.  A large scale training room provides a surprisingly intimate experience by properly addressing acoustics and providing users with cutting edge technology to collaborate seamlessly with other offices and construction sites around the country.