Kimberly-Clark Lobby and c-suite renovation

Dallas, Tx

HLGstudio has built a strong professional relationship with Kimberly-Clark over the course of many years and various projects throughout North America, including Wisconsin, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. Our team explores new ways to incorporate a WorkSmart methodology which maximizes flexibility, enhances collaboration and rewards engagement. The workforce of Kimberly Clark is highly evolutionary — they require mobility, flexibility and agility. 

The Lobby and C-Suite renovation updates the arrival point for visitors to the Dallas World Headquarters and incorporates a branding timeline, showcasing the rich history of Kimberly-Clark.  An undulating ceiling offers a subtle reference to the company's folded Kleenex products and provides a mirror for the flooring, which serves as a tool for way finding.  The relocation of the reception desk, the injection of multiple sources of light and the addition of the seating area provides a warm, hospitable welcome for guests.