After 39 years in the healthcare interior design industry,
the most important thing a leader can have is great
synergy with their team, clients and partners.
Now I get to experience this synergy with the HLG team.
— Kris Kirchner

With over 20 years of experience and such incredible passion for the healthcare interior design industry, Kris has become a pioneer in the creation of smart, imaginative and powerfully uplifting interior environments. Kris is committed to being an advocate of new innovations and ideals. You can count on Kris to develop long-term client relationships based on trust and communication. Kris believes in three simple-yet-enduring principles that have been integral in the firm’s growth and success: service, leadership, and vision.


My favorite vacation so far was to:
Ireland. It’s the most recent vacation
we took and it was filled with the
most amazing scenery one can imagine.

I’m most proud of: my kids, 35 year marriage
and professionally, the company I built for
20 years that is growing even more now with
this merger with HLG.

My non-design role model: my mom.
She taught me the value f creating the
perfect work life balance, which is more
important now than ever.



B.A., Interior Design, Iowa State University