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Midtown Cancer Institute

The design concept was developed early in the process by embracing the trendy neo-urban Midtown environment in which the new facility is located. These contemporary design elements, however, simply could not exist in a vacuum. This is, after all, a cancer diagnostic and treatment facility. So, all design considerations had to pass through a very narrow and specific filter: everything has to work within the context of the end-users who, along with their families, may be undergoing one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences of their lives. 

With two entry points, one from the street level and a second via a monumental stair entrance, the reception area required a layout that could assist patients from all angles. 

The Care Team Stations were centrally positioned to help visitors navigate the facility and provide easily accessible communication between staff and patients, providing an immediate interaction point as patients are welcomed to clinical services.Patients and their families have enough to worry about during these stressful visits, without having to figure out next steps in their treatment journey.

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