I don’t use the word innovation casually. To me, it represents significant, positive change. It’s a highly customized, effective solution created to help propel growth and inspire adaptation in a rapidly evolving environment. What motivates me in a design challenge is to find these authentic resolutions —these flashes of brilliance – that will influence the project from that point forward.
— Roger Godwin

Roger is a Partner and Co-Founder of HLGstudio.  He is a renowned pioneer in the field of workplace strategy and has 35 years of experience in corporate and commercial interior architectural design.  At his very core, Roger is a design visionary and sustains a passion for developing both purpose and meaning in every design challenge. By working with HLGstudio, Roger is able to work more directly with clients – from a project’s inception through every phase of design, construction, final occupancy and beyond to study the benefits and impact of the overall design solutions.


If I wasn’t an Architect:  I’d be a farmer.  I embrace the idea of hard work leading to the production of something of value that has a sustaining impact on our world.

I’m most proud of:  My family – as the father of four daughters and one son, I feel so lucky to have these incredible people in my life.

My favorite vacation so far was to:  Paris, France.  What made it so special to me was seeing my wife fall in love with such a beautiful, romantic place.



Bachelor of Art, Architecture, Auburn University
Bachelor of Art, Interior Design, Auburn University
Bachelor of Art, Environmental Design, Auburn University