sabrina tate, Allied ASID


Sabrina is an excellent project manager, possessing a keen eye for details and a natural insight into client needs and expectations.  She is able to fully address the big picture requirements of each project and become fully invested in managing the responsibilities and roles for the team.  Her experience in working on behalf of a variety of project types and her commitment to exceptional client service make Sabrina a very well respected and admired manager.

I feel devoted to:  Working on behalf of animal rescue organizations.  I am passionate about animals and know firsthand how rewarding it is to be able to provide a loving home for an animal searching for safety and support.

I feel lucky to be able to express my creativity through:  Photography.  Behind the lens I feel able to focus more clearly on what’s truly right in front of me, and I enjoy returning from a backpacking adventure and reviewing shots I’ve taken that remind me of the beauty and wonder of my journey.

What drives me forward:  My desire to make a difference – through my work, through design, and through volunteering on behalf of different groups and projects.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design, Savannah College of Art and Design