Although Sam is a highly versatile and accomplished designer, possessing strong technical skills and creative design capabilities, his greatest ability may be his exceptionally sharp curiosity and willingness to embrace new challenges.  He approaches every design challenge as a new opportunity to be resourceful and innovative.  In addition, Sam enjoys devising new strategies and solutions for his clients through using his 3-D computerized graphic skills.  Above all, however, Sam is well regarded for his cheerful, positive nature among both his team members and clients. 

The first thing people would say about me is:  That I am consistently upbeat and a team cheerleader. 

I have a passion for:  Landscape design. It is an inspiring process ā€“ the planning and design, the work of the planting, the effort of the nurturing, and ultimately, the resulting achievement of something beautiful.

Iā€™m surprised by my ability to:  Handle change.  While other people may experience uncertainty with change, it motivates me to more quickly assess a situation and start working on solutions. 


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design, Savannah College of Art and Design