I like to tackle new challenges and leave things in better shape than when I found them. My gift is the ability to connect people and dots, facilitating finding the right solution for the immediate need. I have learned that I was given two ears and only one mouth for a reason - so that I can be a good listener before moving into action.
— Susan James

As an accomplished business development and marketing professional, Susan understands the critical importance of establishing and expanding key relationships.  She has extensive experience with building strong networks inside the contract interiors arena.  HLGstudio’s team environment suits her warm and engaging manner.  She brings to the table a great bank of industry knowledge, coupled with her signature enthusiasm – a dynamic combination, making her an impressive force.

I have always loved:  The feeling I get when I run.  I tend to do my best thinking when I’m out hitting the trails or the pavement.  I’m fascinated with how much better my mind works when I push myself physically.

One of these days:  I’m going to have a well-trained dog, but don’t hold your breath!  At age 6, my Goldendoodle doesn’t seem to be calming down anytime soon.  We’ll focus on the positive – she’s never met a soul that she didn’t like!

I am constantly amazed by:  My two daughters.  Although close in age, they’re polar opposites and keep me on my toes.  They’re incredible kids who inspire me daily to be a better person.  


Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Georgia