Terminus Software

Terminus Software is a technology marketing upstart forging a national name for itself in the technology field. HLGstudio was tasked to create a unique space that captures the Terminus Software brand and burgeoning culture on a strict budget and timeline. The two floor, 40,000 SF renovation, is the first space designed specifically for Terminus and the opportunity to incorporate future growth was key. HLGstudio designed the space for flexibility using conventional materials, such as painted exposed cables trays and conduit to create powerpoles for workstations that allow for the open offices to be truly reconfigurable. Branded elements, such as the reception’s custom layered plywood logo, customized boardroom table with inset logo, and edited use of branding colors, reinforce the Terminus point of view to encourage recruitment and retention in the competitive Atlanta tech job force.  To encourage a creative and collaborative environment, HLGstudio activated the third floor reception area with a variety of seating and a coffee bar that can be used by employees throughout the day.