HLGstudio is a generalist firm with a deep expertise in a variety of practice areas – this broad vision helps to inform every part of our work. In our rapidly evolving culture, influenced by technological innovation, we are merging aspects of working, living, and learning together to create spaces where people can thrive. Design is a powerful tool to help achieve balance, improve collaboration, enhance performance, and ensure successful results.


HD Supply

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Terminus Software

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The workspaces we create in partnership with our clients are designed to connect with your real estate goals and business drivers. We understand how critical your core values are to your success and we work to create spaces that reflect a company’s unique spirit while capturing a view towards the future.

Rosemary Beach Owners Club

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Beulah Middle School

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Education represents insight, awareness, progress and hope for both an individual as well as for a community. The environment needs to inspire the path forward while integrating technology and supporting the inherent values of each institution. Our work includes community charter schools, K-12 schools, laboratories, and master planning and dormitories for college universities.

Confidential Client


Bennett Thrasher

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Silicon Valley Bank

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Viridian Restaurant

We draw people together. Our goal is to imagine the experience from every perspective so that we’re able to craft extraordinary spaces for people to enjoy while they shop, dine, or simply relax. Our portfolio includes condominiums and multi-family developments, intimate shopping developments, resorts, beach clubs and restaurants.


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Cox Automotive Partnership


Halyard Health

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The Hub on 30A

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The Power of Partnership